Weddings FAQ’s


1How early will the photographer arrive for pre-wedding photos?
One hour prior to ceremony at ceremony location. Additional location time is available.
2If "our" songs are not on your song list can you get them?
3Will there be any extra cost for travel expenses?
Over 50 miles it would be $50 per service.
4Do we get all of the copyrights for our photos and video?
Yes copyright is included in your package.
5What is the rate for adding an extra hour of music to the reception?
$100 on contact or $150 the night of your event.
6How soon before my wedding should I book my service(s)?
We recommend you book your services right after you book your venue.
7Who makes the announcements at my wedding?
They will be made by your Tones Entertainment DJ.
8How large is your music library?
Our music library is endless.
9Where should the DJ set up his equipment?
Reception locations usually know the best spot for the DJ.
10Should I tip the DJ, Photographer, Videographer and Photobooth attendants?
Although it is not expected, it is appreciated.
11How will my DJ be dressed?
They will always be dressed appropriately.
12When will the DJ show up for my event?
The DJ will show up for the event approximately one hour before the start time.